Admin Procedures Section 400:聽 HUMAN RESOURCES

AP 400:聽 Recruitment and Hiring of Staff

AP 401:聽 Employment Practices

AP 402:聽 Personnel Records

AP 403:聽 Standards of Conduct for School District Employees

AP 404:聽 Public Interest Disclosure – Administrative Procedure

AP 405:聽 Working Alone

AP 406:聽 Employee and Family Assistance Program

AP 407:聽 Delegation of Authority for the Protection of Students and Maintenance of Order

AP 408:聽 Vandalism to Employees Motor Vehicles

AP 410:聽 Professional Development

AP 412:聽 Staffing in Periods of Diminishing Financial Resources

AP 420:聽 Code of Professional Relationships

AP 431:聽 Selection Transfer Assignment and Evaluation of Principals

AP 432:聽 Role of the Vice Principal

AP 441:聽 Support Staff Recruitment

AP 450:聽 Organizational Structure

AP 451:聽 Role of the Associate Superintendent

AP 452:聽 Role of the Executive Director, Human Resources

AP 453:聽 Role of the Secretary-Treasurer

AP 455:聽 Role of the Director of Facilities & Operations

AP 470:聽 Position Descriptions

AP 480:聽 Strike or Lockout

AP 490:聽 Parent Guardian Volunteers