Admin Procedures Section 300: STUDENTS

AP 300:聽 Student Admissions, Catchment Areas & Placements

AP 301:聽 International Students

AP 310:聽 Supervision of Students

AP 315:聽 Student Incidents and Sickness

  • AP 315-1: Medical Intervention Form
  • AP 315-2: Administration of Medication Record

AP 317:聽 Anaphylaxis

  • AP 317-1: Anaphylaxis Individual Student Emergency Procedure Plan

AP 320:聽 Student Records

AP 322:聽 Legal Custody of Children

AP 325:聽 Reporting Suspected Cases of Child Abuse

AP 330:聽 Student Attendance

AP 340:聽 Specialized Services for Students

AP 341: Transportation of Students with Disabilities and Diverse Abilities

AP 345:聽 Safe & Appropriate Access to Students Staff & District Property

AP 352:聽 Interviews of Students

AP 353:聽 Searches of Students

AP 354:聽 Physical Restraint and Seclusion (**Now Board Policy #23)

AP 355:聽 Student Suspensions

AP 356:聽 Student Substance Abuse

AP 357:聽 Vandalism

AP 360:聽 District Assessment Evaluation and Reporting

AP 365:聽 Course Challenge

AP 390:聽 Office of the Ombudsperson Referral