AP 200:聽 Organization For Instruction

AP 201:聽 Programs of Instruction

AP 202:聽 Multiculturalism

AP 205:聽 Sensitive Issues

AP 206:聽 Plan for Alternative Delivery of Physical and Health Education K-10Preview Changes (opens in a new tab)

AP 207: 聽Indigenous Education聽

AP 212:聽 Language Education

AP 213:聽 French Programs

AP 214:聽 Delivery of Special Education Services

AP 216:聽 Career Preparation Programs (WEX, TRAIN, WORK)

AP 219:聽 Board Authority / Authorized Courses

AP 220:聽 Programs of Choice

AP 221:聽 Sports and Fine Arts Academies

AP 225:聽 Child Care Services In District Facilities

AP 235:聽 Community Education

AP 240:聽 Student Counselling Services

AP 250:聽 Library Learning Commons

AP 251:聽 Learning Resources

AP 255:聽 Animals on District Property

AP 260:聽 Field Trips

AP 261:聽 Field Trips Out-of-Province and Multi-Day

AP 280:聽 Program Evaluations

AP 290:聽 Research & Other Projects in The Schools