Policies by Number

Policy 01:聽 District Foundational Statements

Policy 02:聽 Role of the Board

Policy 03:聽 Role of the Trustee

Policy 04:聽 Trustee Code of Conduct

Policy 05:聽 Role of the Board Chair

Policy 06:聽 Role of the Board Vice-Chair

Policy 07:聽 Board Operations

Policy 08:聽 Board Committees

Policy 09:聽 Board Representatives

Policy 10:聽 Policy Making

Policy 11:聽 Board Delegation of Authority

Policy 12:聽 Role of the Superintendent

Policy 13:聽 Appeals Bylaw

Policy 14:聽 Consolidation or Closure of Schools

Policy 15:聽 Recruitment and Selection of Personnel

Policy 16:聽 Acknowledging Traditional Territory

Policy 17:聽 Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity (SOGI)

Policy 18:聽 Board of Education Election Protocol

Policy 19:聽 Financial Reserves

Policy 20:聽 Indemnification Bylaw

Policy 21:聽 New Westminster Sanctuary Schools

Policy 22:聽 Provision of Menstrual Products to Students

Policy 23:聽 Physical Restraint and Seclusion (formerly AP354)

Policy 24: Child Care (new February 23, 2021)

Policy 25:聽 Public Interest Disclosure Policy