Strategic Goals as a foundation

As per our 5 year strategic plan, this foundation of this document is in alignment with the values and goals defined with that.


A place where students love to learn


To enable each student to learn in a safe, engaging, and inclusive environment



Purposeful, cooperative relationships to achieve shared goals and consider each other in our decisions and actions


Meaningful, purposeful, and relevant learning


Fair treatment and the removal of barriers to learning, achievement, and the pursuit of excellence for all


Learning where all people are welcomed, respected, and supported


Curiosity, inquiry, and creativity


Ethical, principled, and honest in our words and actions

Our Strategic Priorities

  • Transform the student experience
  • Build meaningful relationships
  • Lead into our future
  • Ensure full participation in learning

These priorities apply to all members of the school community regardless of economic status, gender, sexual orientation, gender expression, neurodiversity, racial or religious background, academic ability, physical challenge, or any other form of diversity.

5 areas of focused improvement

The district’s Inclusive Education Review identified five areas for improvement.

We are dedicated to the successful inclusion of ALL students. The Inclusive Practices Review identified five areas for New Westminster Schools to work on to strengthen their effectiveness in successfully including all students.

The full report can be found here: /programs-services/inclusive-education/inclusive-education-review/

The district is committed to continuous improvement in these areas

Effective Student Supports refers to the realization that all children have the capacity to learn and achieve positive results. As such their access to the curriculum, personalization, mental health supports, cultural safety and representation, and positive behaviour supports all contribute to their opportunities for learning and ultimately their achievements.


Collaboration and Teamworkincludes such areas as teamwork, collaboration, Individualized Education Program (IEP) development, follow-through on recommendations, roles of team members and the documentation of team meetings. Authentic team means that families and students are essential and respected members. Teams should welcome members in culturally appropriate ways and when appropriate, staff with Indigenous ancestry will be part of the team.


Home School Partnerships entails parent participation in a child鈥檚 education program, effective communication for diverse families, links between home and school learning opportunities, involvement of families in student transitions, involvement of families in school activities and creating an understanding with families about the school system.


High-Quality Professional Learning describes such activities as staff professional growth, embedded professional learning/in-service opportunities and training for cross stakeholder groups.


Clearly Articulated Policies and Protocols refers to administrators and staff being knowledgeable about current provincial and district inclusive education policies; as well as district policies, protocols and practices being clearly articulated, easily accessible and applied consistently across the district.

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