Our staff is committed to communicating with parents and caregivers. Please use the below as a guide to some of the Frequently Asked Questions we get, but know we’re always open to answering any questions you have.

Generally, district email is set up with the staff member鈥檚 first initial followed by their last name: jdoe@sd40.bc.ca.

If I have a question or a concern, who should I contact? If you have a question or concern about your child鈥檚 educational program, you should talk to the Classroom Teacher and or the Learning Support Teacher.

Parents can connect with their school Principal to ask questions or discuss concerns.

When will I be invited to an Individual Education Plan (IEP) meeting? The Learning Support Teacher who is case managing your child鈥檚 program will invite you in the fall.
My child is non-verbal. How can I find out how their day went? A daily communication system can be set up with school staff so you will know how your child鈥檚 day went.
How does the school communicate to staff about my child鈥檚 special needs? The Learning Support Teacher who case manages your child鈥檚 educational program shares this information with the teachers and any support staff who work with your child on a 鈥渘eed to know basis鈥 (e.g., Educational Assistant, Child & Youth Care Worker). This information sharing is done respecting student privacy and confidentiality.
Is the documentation on my child kept confidential? Yes. All confidential documents (e.g., medical documents related to any diagnosis, formal assessment results, the Individual Education Plan (IEP) and any other documents) are placed in a specialized file that is part of the student鈥檚 regular file. This file is kept in a secure location. A parent may request that specific student information be placed in a sealed envelope within the student鈥檚 file.
How do I know what accommodations and services are provided for my child? The Individual Education Plan (IEP) meeting is the best time to ensure that you fully understand the accommodations and services being provided to your child.

At any time, you can contact your child鈥檚 Classroom Teacher and/or the Learning Support Teacher.

When can I expect to be invited to an Expanded School-Based Team Meeting? The school invites parents to an Expanded School-Based Team meeting when the expertise of a wider group of people is needed to support your child鈥檚 educational program.

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