Learning Team

The objectives and key results is all about how we set goals, make plans to deliver on them and then measure our success 鈥 so we can do an even better job of helping our students thrive emotionally, socially and academically.

DISTRICT GOAL: Students Will Thrive Emotionally, Socially and Academically

Objectives Key Results
Objective 1:

Staff will feel supported in their roles and will have the necessary resources and strategies for student success.


Objective 2:

Ensure that instruction, assessment, and reporting practices align with the curriculum and meet the diverse needs of students.

Key Results 1: Provide professional development opportunities aligned with District priorities, that build staff capacity.

Key Results 2: Improve collaborative curriculum planning aligned with instruction and assessment.

Key Results 3: Improve student literacy and numeracy skills across the curriculum.

Key Results 4: Provide robust, engaging, viable and sustainable Programs of Choice.

Key Results 5: Provide teachers with the necessary supports to effectively teach climate change.

Key Results 6: Embed anti-racism, equity, diversity, and inclusion in all aspects of the curriculum.

Key Results 7: Implement the Indigenous Graduation Requirement, support teachers to embed the First Peoples Principles of Learning in all aspects of the curriculum, and develop and implement District Equity in Action plan.

Key Results 8: Implement the K-12 Reporting Policy Framework.

Objective 3:

Wellness supports for students and staff will be improved.

Key Result 1: Implement and ground in practice comprehensive (K-12) social-emotional learning and mental health strategies for staff and students in alignment with the Mental Health in Schools Strategy.

Key Result 2: Strengthen student connection with school, educators, and peers.

Key Result 3: Provide opportunities for staff to engage in wellness activities/workshops.

Key Result 4: Develop a student code of conduct that includes equity, relational approaches to discipline and restorative justice.

Key Result 5: Ensure all members of the community are aware of the continuum of wellness supports available in the district.

DISTRICT GOAL: Ensuring Inclusive Practices

Objectives Key Results
Objective 1:

Ensure continued improvement to the delivery of educational services to students with disabilities and diverse abilities.


Objective 2:

Ensure that the district鈥檚 commitment to Truth and Reconciliation and equity are reflected in all practices.

Inclusive Education
Key Result 1
: Promote understanding of inclusive practices in the school district through professional development.

Key Result 2: Implement priorities identified in the Inclusive Education Review.

Key Result 3: Work in collaboration with community and ministry partners to enhance educational services for students with disabilities and diverse abilities.


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Anti-racism
Key Result 1: Review and begin to implement recommendations from the Bakau Consulting JEDI Report.

Key Result 2: Continue to engage with school communities in consultation to learn about experiences with racism and discrimination in our community.

Key Result 3: 听Provide professional staff training and development opportunities from an Anti-racist lens.

Key Result 4: Work collaboratively with a district team to create a racist incident reporting platform.

Key Result 5: Work collaboratively with Safe and Caring Schools to develop a restorative response to racist and hateful acts.

Key Result 6: Review school district policies and procedures currently in place to support diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism and identify areas requiring improvement.

DISTRICT GOAL: Lead into the Future

Objectives Key Results
Objective 1:

Support effective and responsible use of technology tools to enhance teaching and learning.

Technology Tools

Key Result 1: Increase student and staff comfort and proficiency with technology tools through ready access to support and effective tools.

Key Result 2: Continue to grow implementation of BYOD in middle and secondary school.

Key Result 3: Support student achievement data analysis through efficient and easy access to information.

Key Result 4: Develop a technology road map to guide effective resource allocation.

Key Result 5: Ensure all provincial and federal privacy and security requirements are met.

DISTRICT GOAL: Community Connection

Objectives Key Results
Objective 1:
Provide seamless access to a variety of equitable resources and supports.Objective 2:
Develop and support childcare initiatives.
Resources and Support
Key Result 1: Continue to provide culturally safe and accessible registration and settlement supports.

Key Result 2: Ensure community schools programming is reflective of current student needs.


Child Care
Key Result 1: Support expanded听 Seamless Day childcare at Qayqayt Elementary.

Key Result 2: Create Child Care Framework.

Key Result 3: Launch Just B4 in Queensborough.