Code of Conduct

The District strives to provide a safe and non-threatening environment in all schools and facilities, and expects that all members of the District Learning Community will conduct themselves in a respectful, responsible and considerate manner that:

  • complies with all applicable and relevant legislation including, but not limited to, the prohibited grounds of discrimination as set out in the BC Human Rights Code;
  • reflects the District values of Respect, Integrity and Compassion;
  • supports the Five C鈥檚 of Social Responsibility: Connection, Caring/Compassion, Character, Confidence, and Competence; and,
  • models the principles of a

The Code of Conduct is formally outlined in Administrative Procedure 104 (AP 104).

The District recognizes that within an educational environment, students鈥 feelings of safety and belonging, including freedom from discrimination, can seriously affect their ability to learn. Schools are to be places where students, staff and parents are free from harm, where clear expectations of acceptable conduct are communicated and reinforced, and where socially responsible behaviours are taught, modeled and encouraged.

Individual school codes of conduct can be found on each of the school websites聽耻苍诲别谤:听海角社区 Us > Learner Success.3