New Westminster Secondary School Replacement Project

Community Consultation

Round 2 Community Consultation (complete)

Round 2 of community consultation for the new New Westminster Secondary School (NWSS) was held from February 15 to March 15, 2018. Thank you to all who provided feedback and attended consultation meetings.

There were a total of 256 participant interactions during this round of community consultation which provided information about Phases 1 and 2 of design and construction for the new school. Topics for feedback included outdoor spaces, pedestrian and cyclist access and amenities, and student pick-up and drop-off areas. Participants were also encouraged to provide additional comments and to sign up for construction notices. All consultation materials were provided online here, including an online Feedback Form.

Of the 117 participants who completed the Feedback Form, most either strongly agreed or somewhat agreed with the proposed outdoor spaces and pedestrian/cyclist access and amenities. For more information on what we heard during Round 2, please see the Consultation Summary Report linked below.

Input received through this community consultation is being considered, along with technical, environmental and financial considerations, in the final design for the new NWSS.

Consultation Summary Report 鈥 April 2018

Round 2 Community Consultation Summary Report听

Appendix 1 鈥 Notification Materials

Appendix 2 – Discussion Guide and Feedback Form

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Memorialization Advisory Committee

We continue to engage with First Nations communities, the Chinese Benevolent Association, the Legacy Initiatives Advisory Council, Inclusion BC, and other organizations that represent communities with a history or potential history of ancestral burials on the site. A Memorialization Advisory Committee (MAC) has been struck and holds regular meetings to consider how best to memorialize the dedicated and protected areas of the site that are known to have been used for burials. We will provide updates to the community as the planning progresses on this component of the development.

Round 1 Community Consultation (Complete)

There were a total of 214 public and stakeholder interactions during the NWSS Replacement Project Round 1 Community Consultation, November 7 -December 5, 2016. Community members were encouraged to participate in the consultation by attending open houses, small group meetings, filling in a hard copy or online feedback form or providing a written submission by email or mail. All consultation materials were available online here.

In addition to providing feedback on the draft Project Aspirations, many participants shared comments related to the design of the new school, and some expressed an interest in providing input on the design in the future. Based on this feedback, we incorporated topics related to the design of the new school in Round 2 Community Consultation. See Round 1 Community Consultation Summary Report – January 2017 here.

Consultation Topics: Board of Education 鈥 Project Aspirations

The Board of Education for New Westminster Schools developed 10 project aspirations for designing and building the new school:

  1. Build a school that will support the evolving learning environment
  2. Create a school with the flexibility to meet the needs of a rapidly changing society
  3. Develop a sustainable design that will minimize impacts on the environment
  4. Develop a design with an emphasis on healthy students, teachers and staff
  5. Respect, protect and preserve the historical and cultural significance of the site
  6. Create spaces that consider the role of rapidly changing technology in the ways students learn
  7. Create opportunities for school community engagement
  8. Create learning spaces where students and staff interact outside of the traditional classroom environment
  9. Make teaching and learning spaces visible
  10. Design a school that inspires and nourishes creativity